Cosmetic Pure First Cold Press Argan oil

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Extracted from raw Argan nuts using the Cold press method. Excellent product for use on hair, face, skin and nails.

Moisturized dry skin, dry hair, fixes split ends and shines dull hair.

Promotes scalp care, slows down appearance of wrinkles, regenerates and protects skin cells and increases skin elasticity.

Only grown and produced in a small region in Southern Morocco. 

what we offer is a First Cold hand pressed, Don't be Misled by most of the pure Argan oils sold on the US market, 90% of them are a second press and machine pressed meaning they merely contain any health benefits if any. 

how can you make the difference between first press and second press:

-First press is thicker than second press since it contains all the nutrients from the argan nut.

-Fist press has a very tiny nut smell when you just apply it that disappears right after absorption by the skin almost instantly, second press does not have any smell since it does not contain anything from the nut.