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About us

Third generation growers of Sahli (Coastal Variety) Olives & producers of Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil for over 60 years (since 1955) in the beautiful Mediterranean City of Hammamet Northeast of Tunisia located in the Cap Bon region.

The beautiful city of Hammamet is the number one destination for Europeans for its beautiful silky Mediterranean beaches and clear waters.

Our exceptional Olive Oil had only been sold locally in bulk till 2009, when I Abdel decided to bring this wonderful delicacy to the United States in 2010.

 How to Buy Olive Oil

Most olive oil on the market in America comes from Andalusia, Spain, although it is likely to bear a “packed in Italy” label. Frequently, says Fairway’s Steven Jenkins, the Italians blend extra virgin with lesser grades—usually oil chemically extracted after the first pressing—and even with other oils, such as peanut oil, diluting the taste and healthful qualities. Here are some guidelines to getting good olive oil.

  • LabelsThe designations “virgin olive oil,” “pure olive oil,” and “refined olive oil” are meaningless and definite marks of adulterated or industrial-grade olive oil.

  • Clarity. Unfiltered olive oil is greenish, not brilliant yellow; it has more intensity and more nutrients than filtered oil.

  • Taste. Because most Americans have been conditioned by low-grade supermarket olive oil that is not even likely 100 percent olive oil, taste expectations need to be reset. Fresh extra virgin olive oil delivers, immediately, a grassy flavor. Then it pounces with a peppery bitterness, a mark of polyphenol content. And when swallowed, it bites the back of the throat.

  • Freshness. Unlike wine, olive oil degrades with age. Olives are harvested in fall in the northern hemisphere, and their oil comes on the market just after the new year with a two-year sell-by date. Buy oil that is well within the first year of that span.

  • Storage. Light and heat degrade olive oil. Buy oil in small quantities and use quickly. Store in a cool, dark place. Do not decant olive oil—it fosters oxidation—and always keep the cap on the container.

    Why choose our Olive Oil:

    We grow the Olives, we press them and we bottle the Olive oil all in one place, our Mill is on the Grove and we bottle in our Mill.

    We know when to harvest and how to harvest, we press the same day we harvest to guarantee  the most freshness, flavor, health benefits, the lowest acidity and the longest shelf life.